Training resources



Groundwork’s Following Jesus studies are books of 30–50 pages, broken up into 4–6 sessions. They’re designed to be used by small groups — the typical mid-week Bible study group in a church, a campus group, an industry group, or a family, for example.

Each session includes some Bible exercises and discussion to help you get into the Scriptures. They also have notes (around 500 words a session) which draw out some key Biblical principles. Following these notes, there are further activities to help you begin to apply those principles in your own life.


All prices are in Australian dollars and include free shipping worldwide. Following Jesus studies are sold in two formats:

  • Electronic licence: $24 for up to 15 people. You get a PDF version of the studies, and you can print out up to 15 copies in a 12-month period.
  • Paperbacks: $9.99 each (minimum purchase 6; free shipping worldwide).