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Groundwork courses are books of 150–200 pages, broken up into nine chapters. They’re designed to be used by individuals or groups, and include a number of exercises to help you apply the principles from the book in your own life. (Read more about how to use Groundwork in your church.)


The courses fall into one of three broad topics:

Bible and theology — focuses on dealing with the text of Scripture, and how to move from Scripture to life
• Character and relationships — focuses more on ‘personal ethics’
Church and world — focuses more on ‘social ethics’


They’re also designed for different audiences:

Everyday — what we believe every Christian needs to think about, whether they’re a paid pastor, an accountant, a bricklayer, a mum, married, single, old, or young. These form a coherent curriculum covering the basics of the Christian life that are common to everyone.
• Specialized — what a few Christians need to think about, depending on their life circumstances and their gifting. For example, not everyone needs in-depth knowledge of business ethics, or parenting, or retirement. But those who are in that field or that life-stage do.


Unless otherwise indicated, all amounts are in Australian dollars.

• 1–5: $20 + $5 postage each
• 6 or more: $20 each with free postage

$9.99 each (or equivalent in other currencies)

USD 9.99 each (or equivalent in other currencies)

$9.99 each

Group licences are available for single courses. These allow you to make a one-off payment and print up your copies of notes for your whole group. Prices start at $50 for <20 copies. Find out more here.