Organizing Love in Church


Organizing Love in Church


Most of us have the instinct that a church won’t automatically develop a culture of love for God, his people, and his world. This book puts words to that instinct.

Chapter 1 outlines the kinds of loving fellowship, discipleship, and mission we hope for in a church.
Chapter 2 explores why these expressions of love generally don’t ‘just happen’, and why some common approaches to church — including Sunday gatherings and Bible studies — don’t necessarily foster a loving community.
Chapter 3 makes some concrete suggestions for how better to promote love in church.

By Tim Adeney and Stuart Heath

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1. Love in church: what we're all aiming for
2. Organizing love: how social architecture can either promote or impede love
3. Organizing love in church: some concrete suggestions



• Rory Shiner for Eternity
• Alistair Bain for The Gospel Coalition Australia
• Steven Kryger for Communicate Jesus


Additional resources

At the end of the book, there is a church health survey. You can download an electronic copy of the survey by clicking this link. Feel free to edit the survey for your needs, and either print it out or use Google Forms to administer it online. (Instructions for using Google Forms are included in the download.)