Leading People to Christ


Leading People to Christ


This course explores how to share the gospel, with a focus on how different members of the body of Christ can use their gifts to make Christ known. 

It gives participants confidence in the power and character of God as saviour, a clear understanding of what the gospel is, and wisdom to speak in a way that is full of grace, seasoned with salt. 

All of this is set in the context of building genuine, loving relationships with people who don’t know Jesus, and introducing them to a Christian community so that they can see the effects of the gospel in action.

By Andrew Katay and Stuart Heath

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Part A: Players
1. God, our redeemer
2. Christian community
3. You and them

Part B: Proclamation
4. First Days
5. Dark Days
6. Jesus
7. Last Day
8. Today

Part C: Practicalities
9. Practicalities