Good Work


Good Work


We live in a culture which idolizes work and wealth and the status they bring us. This Groundwork Everyday course seeks to bring the light of the gospel to bear on the way we view work — paid and unpaid — and how we can use our wealth and possessions for Jesus’ glory. It searches the Scriptures to ask about the nature and purpose of work and wealth: what are they, and what are they for?

The course also has practical advice on such things as how to be generous, how to choose a job, and how to love others in the workplace.

By Tim Adeney and Stuart Heath

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1. About work 
2. The good of work itself
3. The fruit of work: what wealth is
4. The fruit of work: what wealth is for
5. The context of work
6-7. Work and hope
8. The worker
9. Finding good work
Appendix. Paid Christian work