This Groundwork Everyday course is designed to help people live in a way that honours Jesus in their families, whether they're married, divorced, single, parents, or not. It explores how each life-stage can be an excellent base for discipleship and mission. 

It gives a Biblical overview of the nature and purposes of marriage and parenting, as well as theological and practical observations on conflict, raising children, living as a single person, and courting. Throughout, there's an emphasis on how members of local churches can support one another in each life-stage.

By Tim Adeney and Stuart Heath

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1. Family as mission-field and mission-base
2–3. Marriage: what it is
4. Marriage: what it's for
Extension — Cohabitation
Extension — Conflict in marriage
5. Divorce and remarriage
6–7. Children and parenting
Extension — Raising children
Extension — Parenting without a godly marriage
8. Singleness
9. Courting