About us

Groundwork is an evangelical and non-denominational organization. We create resources to help ground Christian communities in the gospel and equip them for the ordinary Christian life. This 'ordinary Christian life' is distinctive: we make the teaching about our God and Saviour attractive as we lead lives of love for Jesus, his people, and his world.

This isn’t just something we do on Sundays. The gospel of grace needs to shape every aspect of our lives: how we manage our households, how we read our Bible, how we go about our work, how we steward wealth and resources, how we conduct our relationships, how we speak about Jesus. Groundwork resources equip participants to live for Christ in every sphere of life.

The Groundwork directors and all Groundwork writers are committed to our statement of belief. Within this framework, however, the views expressed in Groundwork resources are those of the named authors and not necessarily those of Groundwork or its directors.